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Keyless Vehicle

With the smart key fob inside the vehicle, push button engine starting is enabled without the need for a mechanical key.

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Want keyless access to your vehicle?

Keyless vehicle entry is far more convenient than using your key to lock and unlock your vehicle. Having keyless entry is also proven to reduce the risk of locking your keys in the car. The electronic access of the window lifter function provides control of the windows remotely. Have the peace of mind that your vehicle is locked and secured while you are away with keyless entry installation by Emergency Locksmith LLC.

Wireless ignition

Once in the vehicle, the driver steps on the brake pedal (or clutch in a M/T car) and presses the start button to fire the engine. If the remote is left inside the vehicle, the doors will not lock after the driver has exited the vehicle. This prevents the remote from being locked inside the vehicle. The engine may be shut off by quickly pressing the start/stop button two times quickly or by holding the button in for 1.5 seconds.

Key Replacement

The functions of the Wireless Vechile are:

  • – Sentry key immobilizer (SKIM)
  • Wireless receiver for remote keyless entry
  • Brake transmission interlock (BTSI)
  • Clock master
  • Steering column lock interface (BUX)
  • Tire pressure monitor (TPM) system
  • Remote starting
  • Electronic ignition switch
Key Replacement